Model generation

After elements are set up, their models can be generated automatically with the defined layers. Users can generate individual layers as well as all elements together. Generated models can be edited manually by modifying, adding or deleting details, etc.

Elements can be switched on/off conveniently either individually or by group (element type or floor). Users can also toggle the visibility of layers in the model. Viewing individual elements is quick and easy: the desired element is automatically brought into view, while all other elements of the same group are switched off. This allows the user to easily view and edit elements even if they are positioned at an angle in the model, as in the case of roof elements: activating a perpendicular view of the element could not be faster.

There are no restrictions whatsoever with regard to editing element details nor the type of AutoCAD objects placed in an element. Thanks to this, it is easy to add additional details as regular lines (line, polyline, circle, etc.), for example, to mark electrical wires, wool strips, films, fabric, etc. The software will even be able to specify and dimension them later in the drawing.

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