Element types

Element models (walls, ground floors, partition floors, roofs, terraces, etc.) are generated automatically. Element types with layers and element edge details ā€“ layer offsets (side, top, bottom) ā€“ can be defined without restrictions.

Types can be made project-specific, meaning that in different projects one EW name can stand for different elements. This helps keep your projects free of superfluous definitions that are actually intended for other projects. At the same time, types can also be shared between projects, i.e. type definitions can be reused ā€“ the software is entirely flexible.

Areas surrounding infills (door, window, opening) can also be pre-defined to ensure appropriate layer offsets. Users can create different definitions for areas around infills and freely select the desired definition for each infill.

Element types and layers Element layers offsets Element layers offsets Element settings Element generated by the software Element generated by the software Opening layers offsets Opening sides generated by the software

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