Element drawings

Element drawings for production are generated automatically based on the model. To generate drawings, the user must configure their layout, i.e. the desired format. After creating the appropriate drawing templates, they can be reused in future projects where element layers are identical or adjusted to the project as needed.

AnsvarCAD offers extensive drawing formatting options. Users can create a separate sheet for each layer, place all layers in one drawing or even group them together partially. The number of views (front, back, top, bottom, left, right) and their location in a drawing is freely configurable. Layer visibility can also be configured individually for each view.

In addition, drawings can be automatically supplemented with specification tables and notes. Users can even set up multiple tables and define their exact content. The number of columns in a table as well as their position and titles are freely configurable. This way your tables only list the information you need. Table data, including position numbers, names, dimensions, etc., can also be added to each detail in the drawing.

Details are dimensioned automatically, and chain dimensions are widely configurable. Dimensioning points can be set at either or both ends of a detail or even in the centre. Objects to dimension can be selected based on their layer, direction, name, and type. The user can also freely set the style and colour of chain dimensions. Dimensioning is available for all types of objects, including Mass elements, 3DSolids, lines, circles, etc.

Drawings can also be supplemented with information manually. Drawings can be generated one by one or plotted or saved together. This makes it possible to prepare all your drawings in the minimum time required.

Layout of the element drawing Configure Viewport Configuring the dimension style Configuring the dimension style Table settings Automatic generation and printing Final drawing Fragment from the drawing

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